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Preston Kwok

Preston Kwok, aka PK, is living in beautiful Salt Lake City Utah, where he currently can’t buy his favorite food because it’s a Sunday….

When he isn’t busy cooking up the next big idea, he’s either enjoying quality time with his amazing wife and son, working on his cars (fast and furious style), optimizing his game on the golf course, or cooking up the best Japanese food you can find in the state of Utah.

With over 10 years of full funnel digital marketing experience, helping businesses grow their online revenues, and 32 years of keeping it real.

By day, he helps enroll more qualified students for less dollars through paid media, by night, he helps keep his 3 year old son alive. Not all hero’s wear capes.

Posts by Preston Kwok

Just like you would classify your visitors according to demographics and their needs, you also need to classify them according to their behavior. This way, you can deliver the right campaigns that will get them to say yes.
Digital advertising is all about acquiring conversions and leads. There are plenty of digital metrics used to track the process of converting leads. Cost Per Acquisition bridges this with the need to allocate an ample budget so that campaigns are fully optimized.
The success of campaigns rely on so many variables. The only way you can really control and measure your progress is by organizing them to their most optimized forms.
The education market will keep on moving, changing, and adapting towards outside forces such as technology development and career trends that will transform the face of learning in the coming months and years to come.
Like everything in digital, a balance between the specific and random is crucial. The more keywords there are, the more the ads can be bogged down with details that don’t concern your target audience. This is the reason why properly organized ad groups are paramount to a campaign's success.

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