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Michal Dzieciolowski

Agency Lead

Yes, that is a “D” followed by a “Z” in Mike’s last name; probably the weirdest 2-letter combination in the English language that doesn’t involve a Q.

Now, a more appropriate career path for Mike would have been a Pole dancer, meaning Polish dance, not the sexy kind. Unfortunately for the world at large, he went in the complete opposite direction and focused on computers, technology, science, and math. So, instead of spinning around poles with grace, Mike is better off calculating the heat friction created by rotating around said pole at a certain rate.

If I lost you towards the end of that last section, don’t blame yourself because Mike is probably the only person on Earth who finds that kind of technical talk amusing.

Mike now uses his knowledge of all things not-sexy to manipulate data and trends to create actionable plans for education Google Ads campaigns. He also provides a wide range of expertise to ensure the team around him has all the tools & knowledge they need to succeed.

Posts by Michal Dzieciolowski

With the rapid change experienced by educators amidst the pandemic, the structure and e-learning platforms were not optimized, and more importantly the students and teachers were forced to adapt to the new systems.
The viewership of the NFL draft further supports the global search for normality; something to take our minds back to our hobbies before many of them were taken away. Consumers are letting their money talk by supporting brands they trust, as well as brands that show a commitment to their employees and the consumers themselves.
With quarantines and shutdowns in place, there has also been a global increase in computer and Internet use. Many schools have swapped to work/learn from home systems. As marketers in the education space, it is imperative for us to analyze and understand the shifting trends in the mindsets of students and prospective students.

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