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Mia Percela

Sr. Account Manager

This bubbly PPC lover grew up in Croatia (That place where the King’s Landing is). For a European, there is nothing quite like sitting down in a cafe and just watching the world go by.

Mia loves a proper #cupofgetstuffdone, and she’s talking about real coffee, not a chai tea latte, extra hot with unicorn tears, a touch of vanilla syrup, and 3 pink sprinkles.

When she’s not obsessively talking about coffee, you can find her breaking enrollment records while maximizing ROI for her education clients. Mia feels truly blessed by the PPC Gods to be part of the Grow Enrollments gang.

Posts by Mia Percela

The global COVID-19 pandemic has helped to propel e-Learning in new directions. Now that online education is the only viable option, a revolution is on the horizon. Millions of students who embrace e-Learning during these difficult circumstances may stick to it even after the pandemic has passed.
The popularity of online courses has been on the rise and being live in front of your audience is the key to successfully selling it. In this article, we'll be sharing 6 tips education marketers should be using to capture the attention of their target audience.
The E-Learning industry has experienced an enormous increase in users and is expected to take in $243 billion dollars by the end of 2020. Online courses are now accepted by the masses, and more students and working professionals are willing to pay for courses.
A prospective student might have as many as 1,000 interactions with different ads, websites, YouTube videos, and other forms of content before filling out their first lead form. If you truly know your audience, you can create quality content that provides real value.

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