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Jared Prazen

Sr. Account Manager

A guy with many interests, Jared currently lives with his wife, daughter, and son at the foot of the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah. Don’t let the straight-laced look fool you. At a moment’s notice, he’ll let his hair down (well, figuratively speaking anyway), and bust out some Bon Jovi on karaoke night.

When he’s not putting his 10+ years of paid search experience to work for his clients, you might find Jared at the gym, out riding the trails on his mountain bike, hosting friends and family for a scratch-made Mediterranean meal, or noodling (somewhat badly) on his guitar.

Posts by Jared Prazen

Even before COVID-19 forced nearly all schools to transition with little notice to an online learning format, cracks had started to show in the public regard for educational institutions that have long been regarded as a non-negotiable step in the pursuit of a successful career and life.

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