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Benjamin Arabov


Benjamin is a true digital marketing enthusiast who often makes bold predictions for the future of his industry.

Before starting Grow Enrollments, Benjamin helped develop and implement digital strategies for world-renowned brands like Guardian Insurance, Dr. Axe, Boxed, & Bombas.

Now, as the CEO of Grow Enrollments, Benjamin combines his unique technical abilities with the central mission of higher education to help education organizations grow and enroll the right students.

You can find Benjamin at his desk with 6 screens or chatting with elite education marketers on his podcast (he prefers the podcast).

Posts by Benjamin Arabov

The accelerated pace of technological improvements has changed the way we work and live. Tech giants such as TikTok and Spotify have recently been beefing up their partnerships and investments with education companies.
The abrupt demand for online education platforms was an obstacle that a lot of institutions had to overcome. Quick to adapt to these changes are the digitally native Gen Z students.
With the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of organizations were forced to work remotely. One of the key industries affected was the education industry. Schools and universities alike had to grasp online learning as quickly as possible in order to remain operational.
e-Learning or online learning is growing rapidly, especially in the recent years. With high demand for greater accessibility to education and wider choices in subject materials, e-Learning has become one of the most viable methods for learning.

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