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Benjamin Arabov


Benjamin is a true digital marketing enthusiast who often makes bold predictions for the future of his industry.

Before starting Grow Enrollments, Benjamin helped develop and implement digital strategies for world-renowned brands like Guardian Insurance, Dr. Axe, Boxed, & Bombas.

Now, as the CEO of Grow Enrollments, Benjamin combines his unique technical abilities with the central mission of higher education to help education organizations grow and enroll the right students.

You can find Benjamin at his desk with 6 screens or chatting with elite education marketers on his podcast (he prefers the podcast).

Posts by Benjamin Arabov

When it comes to digital advertising in social media, Facebook is a powerful platform to use, bringing in $27.2 billion in revenue in just the fourth quarter of last year.
Advertising in social media platforms helps you to target and tap into specific audiences that show interest in products or services, allowing you to acquire new customers, retain and engage with current clients, and employ remarketing strategies.
In the digital space, brands are producing content that compete over people’s limited attention, be it in the form of articles, social posts, images, or videos. One strategy you can do in order to grab their attention is through unique and relevant display ads.
The topic of privacy has been at the forefront of the news, especially when it comes to advertising. As such, top companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook each have their own stances on the issue and have implemented multiple actions in accordance to this, balancing the demands of both users and advertisers.

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