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Apply New Tricks To The Old Game of PPC Campaigns

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We’ve mentioned this in our previous article, PPC is one of the oldest forms of advertising in the digital age around (although in hindsight it’s only 20 years old!). Still, it’s a thriving and vital part of any company’s marketing mix. It’s continuously evolving as technology develops–and so should your strategies and campaigns.

Today, let’s talk about how you can revamp your PPC and other advertising initiatives to be exactly what gets your target audience’s attention.

The key is keywords!

Paid search is all about the effectiveness of your keywords—whether those are broad, phrase match, exact match, or other classifications like negative keywords, long-tail keywords, etc. For top-of-the-line insights, check out the articles from our very own Google Ads strategy team here.

However, trends and years come and go. People’s views and interests change as well. As such, these changes should reflect on your ads on the search engine page. An example of this would be boot camps that are attracting fresh graduates looking to stand out from the professional landscape.

Nobody wants to see boring, old corporate jargon in their ads. These students want pizzazz! Out with the synergizing silo and holistic ideation, collaboration, and all the mumbo-jumbo words the dictionary has to offer. This doesn’t mean your ads should be just buzz word galore. Make sure that they are still relevant to the challenges and needs your audience faces.

Also, remember that there are some permanent fixtures you shouldn’t let go of. For example, consumers are always looking out for sales and promotions in your ad. Everybody loves a good bargain, whether it’s customers from 2 decades ago or the 21st century. It’s good to stick by tried, tested, and still working strategies when planning your campaigns.

Why There’s a “Search” in Paid Search

There’s always a need to search for other advertising channels and efforts to make your PPC campaigns even better. When complementary campaign strategies are implemented, you can expect to maximize your results. Here’s how:

Social Media and Content

One indisputable method of reaching your audiences is through social media. These days it’s where we discover most of our information, besides doing a Google search. You need to treat social media as an ally rather than a drain that can keep resources away from your PPC campaigns.

Learners these days love it when they catch a peek at what university life has to offer at your campus. For some, they like seeing what the course platform looks like and how to use it before they subscribe. You can capitalize on these desires to get conversions.

Check out our article on how higher ed has been leveraging social media as the powerful tool that it is.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Ah, CRO, the ever-elusive process that works hand-in-hand with PPC. If PPC enlarges the volume of traffic your website gets, CRO ensures their conversion. However, not a lot of marketing professionals have mastered–let alone know–the art of CRO.

Worry not, we’ve made plenty of articles on CRO and you can browse through them here. Grow Enrollments also has a highly-specialized team working solely on CRO efforts and we are more than happy to explain how it can drive long-term growth for your business.

Go By The Times’ Demands

Is inflation affecting your students? Consider creating a new payment scheme that helps learners still pursue their education goals and dreams.

A new social media platform that redefines how we connect with each other? We’re setting up the account as we speak. Whatever it is, make sure you’re going by what your audience demands. If not, well, you’ll lose time on implementing non-converting strategies.

These things will eventually add up and get your audience ready for your brand so that by the time they click on your ad, they’re all set and receptive to conversion, lowering your overall CPA.

Table of Contents
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