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Anatomy of an enrollment-generating PPC campaign

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PPC is a cult favorite for education marketers because it:

✅ Achieves quick and measurable results
✅ Allows costs to be managed and monitored
✅ Utilizes keywords that create highly-targeted campaigns

With PPC advertising being the bearer of success for a lot of brands, you’d naturally want to implement nothing but effective strategies, right? (That’s rhetorical, by the way).

In this article, we’re dissecting the ingredients of a persuasive and click-worthy PPC campaign.

A Strong Headline or a Unique Selling Proposition

Quick! You only have 8 seconds to grab your prospective student’s attention. Do it through a memorable, persuasive headline.

Highlight the biggest benefit your customer can get from choosing you as their education provider, make your language as easy to understand as possible, personalize your ads to resonate better with your ideal student, and use design elements that reinforce your messaging.

Keyword Management

You want the right leads to find and click on your ads to keep those acquisition costs low. Conducting keyword research and keyword segmentation helps you establish relevancy and makes it easier for prospective students to connect with you.

Keyword Research utilizes data on your ideal audience to significantly increase the visibility of your brand and ads. The goal is to incorporate search terms that your ideal audience is also using when they’re researching and benchmarking options.

Keyword Segmentation helps you organize the data behind your ads. You’ve probably heard of the well-loved principle in the digital marketing word: “Data is king.” You’ll want to know the keywords that are driving the most and least clicks and conversions. This will help you minimize non-converting content and optimize the ones that are ROI-generating.

Split Testing & Consistent Optimization

A huge part of achieving long-term success in PPC is your ability to create strategies that are backed by data. Split testing involves benchmarking one element of your campaign against another to give you insight into what’s performing and driving more results for you.

A split test that yields the most accurate information comes from a combination of the right setup and time. Don’t attempt to test too many elements at once because it takes the certainty and accuracy out of your results. Don’t also expect to generate reliable data overnight. Statistical significance in split testing is achieved when you give your ads enough time.

Ultimately, creating highly converting PPC campaigns that persuade students to enroll is a balancing act between getting as much ready-to-convert leads as possible while keeping costs down.

With education marketing being so nuanced and ever-evolving, learning and executing industry best can be an expensive endeavor. Grow Enrollments is run by a team of marketers specializing in solving wasted ad spend and getting more enrollments.

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Table of Contents
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