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Ad Metrics Of Digital Channels

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With the abundance of ad metrics available, it’s inevitable for some to only be available for certain channels. After all, people visit different digital touchpoints for varying reasons and as a result, they perform actions specific to these channels.

Google Search

With a trillion searches happening each year and a vast network ranging from websites to apps, Google Search can be a powerfully lucrative tool with the right strategies in place. Besides Google, paid search strategies can be implemented in other browsers like Bing.

In a report by Wearesocial and Hootsuite, the top reason people use the internet is to find information. Properly gauging your performance on Search is crucial in ensuring that the solution or information your company offers resonates with your target audience. Here are a few metrics necessary for a winning paid search advertising campaign:

Average Position

The average position compares your ads on Google’s search results page against other ads. The higher the quality of your ads, the greater your chances are of being more visible, landing you a spot on the first page of a search. This position can mean the difference between audiences clicking your ad and scrolling past them.

Quality Score

Quality Score lets you know how effective your ads are compared to competitors’, shown through marks from 1 to 10. They can be measured using the following factors:

  • Expected Clickthrough rate
  • Ad relevance which pertains to how close the searcher’s query is with your ads
  • Landing page experience


We’ve discussed YouTube advertising in our article here and how vital engagement is in the platform. Capturing your audience’s attention and being remembered can be such an overwhelming task to undertake, but it’s not impossible.

Staying top of mind can be done by studying how your audience interacts with your ads and improving on those aspects. Here are metrics you can use to boost your performance on YouTube:

Average Cost Per View

Average CPV is the amount you pay whenever a viewer completes watching your ads, or the first thirty seconds of it for longer video ads.

Earned Action

You can measure how engaging your video ads are by tracking the actions performed by viewers after seeing them. Instapage lists down some examples of earned action on YouTube which include

Video Viewership

Not everyone finishes watching your video ad. As a result, we have a metric to know how much of your viewers watched your ad for the first 25%, then 50%, 75%, and 100%. This information can help you improve your video ads and keep audiences engaged all the way to the end.


Audiences interact with ads differently according to the context–be it the format of the ad such as video or photo formats, or the channel they are in such as on websites or social media. Metrics that are specific to each are more accurate in laying out the story of why an ad is effective or not.

Check out these Facebook metrics that can help amp up your next social campaign:


Reach can either be paid or organic, but they both measure the number of people who have seen your post. Having a wide reach is better since you can tap more people who might be interested in your service.

Ads allow you to expand your reach beyond what you would have otherwise obtained through organic efforts. Even better, ads with great strategies allow you to maximize your reach and increase conversions.


Like earned actions, engagement is the number of actions viewers have undertaken with your ad. They could be in the form of likes, comments, shares, or clicks.

Besides these, there are a lot more metrics that can be used to improve your campaigns. We’ve only scratched the surface of the world of digital ad measurement. It can easily feel overwhelming to keep track of all these metrics. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t need to use every single one. Only keep track of the ones that are most valuable for your business.

Table of Contents
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