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A Masterclass in Implementing Underrated Social Media Marketing Strategies

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Social media marketers are all too familiar with the never-ending process of catching and holding people’s attention in a rapidly changing, overly competitive, congested space.

With trends coming and going overnight, and digital platforms updating monthly, social media marketers constantly have to analyze and refine strategies to stay ahead and afloat.

Between keeping strategies that work and creating new ones, it’s hard to keep track of all your moving parts. We’ve put together a list of effective social media strategies marketers often don’t make the most out of.

Focus on community instead of promotion

Like other digital marketing channels, social media is a beloved avenue for brand promotion. However, with the online world already swimming in ads, the online wall separating your brand from your audience can only be broken through by creating a human connection that transcends screens and mobile devices.

You’ll establish strategies by learning everything there is to know about what motivates and keeps your target audience engaged. Community-building is a long game that will help you create better brand perception, which will then translate to repeat transactions and more sales.

Create and sustain conversations

A common theme among smart and successful social media marketing features two-way communication between a brand and its target audience. The goal isn’t only to generate engagement but make your audience feel seen and heard.

Create an online presence where customers feel open to having conversations with your brand. Send out personalized messages and respond to comments, and take note of data you can collect from likes and shares. You’d be surprised at how very few brands are able to start and maintain these exchanges.

The more insight you have into audience behavior, the better you’re able to serve social media content and ads that hit home runs, while bringing more exposure and growth to your brand. Focus on interacting with your community and watch how much better your client relationships get.

Choose your format wisely

Whether it’s for lack of trying or expertise, there are social media marketers who commit the error of publishing duplicate content across platforms. Our in-house experts–Matheus and Fabio–are huge advocates of using custom content depending on customer behavior and platform best practices.

Cookie-cutter content isn’t going to cut it (pun unintended). Craft platform-specific content based on your data. What’s getting the clicks, comments, and shares? What messaging is driving engagement?

Custom content will unsurprisingly take you more time and expertise, but well worth the investment than falling back on content lacking variety and success-driving qualities.

Follow who your audience is following

Another often-overlooked social media practice is following who your audience is following. This is an extremely efficient way to figure out what appeals to your market and gets them to engage with a brand.

Data on content types, messaging tone, posting frequency, and timing that resonates with the audience you are trying to win over will help you craft powerfully compelling social media content.

Outsource your social media marketing efforts

With your digital marketing plans having multiple elements that are continuously needing optimization, staying ahead of the race is harder than ever.

Efficient brands often end up partnering with reputable, known-to-deliver social media marketing agencies to give their teams less mental workload and more room to focus on other growth opportunities.

Table of Contents
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