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A Lesson in Virality: How Social Media Channels Leverage Trends

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Virality is no longer an icing to a metaphorical marketing campaign. It has become a must in order to survive this digital-first world. Whether you’re a multinational company looking to establish trust among younger generations or a new business hoping to expand and reach out to audiences, mastering social media in order to facilitate viral posts has been a must for the past years.

Having a viral post can seem mystical—left up to the forces of the online community. However, with the amount of information we have on popular posts for the past decades, there is a certain formula to the success that can help make it happen. In this article, we’ll discuss viral content’s role in today’s marketing landscape and provide some ideas on how to produce material that is both fruitful and shareable.

Click. Click. Click

When you hop on a trend, make sure that the viewers are intrigued and engaged enough to click. With PPC, it’s making sure you are offering a compelling reason for them, whether that’s through promotions or highlighting your Unique Selling Point. With social ads, it’s through providing some sort of must-share feeling to friends and families. Regardless of the platform used, you can ensure this through a variety of ways from:

  • Highly visual and unique images and videos
  • Lead to your website/ where highest conversions happen. If it’s on IG, direct them to IG

Create Value

We’re in the education industry. Everyone is looking to learn something. So make sure you’re giving that. Instead of erecting an immediate paywall, have your audience get a glimpse of what you have to offer. That way, you’re not losing so many people at the beginning of the customer journey.

The best example of this would be online courses. A lot of leading MOOCs have tons of classes on YouTube. Instant value. Then, they have even more in-depth and useful info in their paid classes. This isn’t limited to them. You can do this for every industry under the sun—from fitness classes, to craft courses, to technical work such as programming.

When your audience learns something new from you, they’d be sure to click your profile to gain even more insights! So make sure you have more to offer. Hook, sink, line. Your name is remembered and huzzah!

Be Picky In Hopping On Trends

Not every viral thing can be beneficial for you. You have to take into account of three things:


Does this trend relate to what you have to offer? If so, then by all means do so! If not, then it’s best to sit this one out. Noone wants a company that keeps on hopping on the latest trend. It gets tiring eventually. Not just for your audience but also for you.

Imagine going viral for a post but the people who see and interact with it aren’t your target audience. It’ll just get your hopes up and make your conversion rates more expensive as you’ve expended money and effort.


Related to the previous factor above, you need to ask whether you can add something substantial to the noise? Afterall, your post can easily get lost in the sea of other companies attempting to do the same.

If not, then it’s a waste of your resources—both your time and money. There are more actionable and effective ways to establish awareness than chasing trends. Always keep this in mind.


Virality is fickle. It’s all about the timing. Even a few days is already too late. That’s why you need to either go all in when you find something that will bring positive results for your company. 

Like other marketing efforts for different industries, education marketing has its own unique rules and aspects. As such, being viral in this industry is all about knowing your audience. Before you devise the next best campaign, always remember that in order to stick to people’s minds you need to be more than viral—you need to be insightful and an effective solution to their problems.

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Table of Contents
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