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7 e-Learning trends to look out for in 2020 and beyond

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Though online platforms are currently experiencing a massive influx of activity due to COVID-19, this is not preventing innovation and necessary modifications from occurring in the E-Learning space. Let’s take a look at some trends that we can expect to grow in the coming years:

Mobile learning

The development of mobile platforms and apps has exploded over the past few years. The number of mobile users in the world is approaching 7 billion, which is close to 90% of the global population.

As a result, the mobile learning industry is growing as well, with more and more enterprises incorporating mobile learning into their strategies.

The flexibility and accessibility of mobile learning will be a major factor in its growth not only in 2020, but for years to come. Companies will also take advantage of mobile’s ability to supplement more traditional E-Learning formats.

Focus on soft skills

Soft skills have been a hot topic recently, and they will continue to be on the forefront of E-Learning moving forward. A soft skill is an interpersonal skill that is typically not taught in traditional education environments. Skills like communication, listening, and empathy fall under the category of soft skills.

Companies across the world have begun to invest in soft skill training for their workers. For many businesses, hard skills can be learned on the job, whereas soft skills are a lot harder to teach in a business environment. We expect soft skill courses to continue to grow and become more essential for the hiring process as well.


Microlearning is the practice of learning through bite-sized chunks of information. Developed out of the demand for short session learning that can be digested during breaks or commutes, microlearning will continue to grow as people strive to enhance their knowledge and learn new skills during their busy schedules.

Microlearning comes in many forms, from short videos or mobile applications, to podcasts that can be digested almost anywhere.

Social Learning

Though not generally reserved for E-Learning platforms, social learning has been on the rise for some time. According to a Brand Hall Group, 73% of organizations are planning to increase investment in social learning.

Social learning consists of collaborations between colleagues, happening across different platforms like chats, share sessions, or forums. At Grow Enrollments, we love to promote social learning through our chat channels as well as informal learning sessions hosted by our team members.

Adaptation of Immersive Technology

Technology like AR and VR is drastically changing the learning process in several industries. Mechanics, doctors, students, and many others are utilizing E-Learning platforms to promote a safer and more accessible learning forum for integral skills. Although wide-scale implementation is yet to emerge, we expect investments in immersive technology to continue to increase, especially as the technology becomes more affordable.

Video Learning

The amount of video consumption that occurs on the web on a daily basis is astounding, so it is no surprise that more and more people prefer video-based educational content. There are millions of hours of video courses available online, some for free on YouTube, others on platforms like Masterclass or Udemy.

Watching and replicating concepts with the ability to learn at your own pace is a great learning strategy that benefits many students and lifestyles. We expect video courses to expand even further, with more integration into traditional college experiences.


Game-based learning is very popular with today’s students due to its capacity for stimulation and engagement. Though it was originally designed for coding-related skills (think: learning Java through Minecraft), many skills can now be learned through this format.

We expect course developers to become more creative with the implementation of gamification in the coming years.

While this is not an exhaustive list of all the trends we will see across E-Learning, they are definitely some of the most important (and some of our personal favorites). As E-Learning companies increase their investment in developing new strategies and platforms, exciting new trends are bound to emerge.

Table of Contents
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