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7 CRO Mistakes To Avoid

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Even the most seasoned marketers make mistakes. The good news is that good CRO is a science and art, one which experts can use to help you improve your campaigns and websites.

In an effort to save you time, effort, and advertising dollars, our team came together to lay out the most common CRO pitfalls. And here’s the article for that.

Mistake 1: Not Writing and Designing For Humans

There’s a whole field of marketing that focuses on optimizing every part of your website. You need to remember: on the other side of the screen are humans. It’s no longer enough to have data, be grammatically correct, and give away promos and discounts. You should use words and photos that evoke emotion—that persuade and move.

Mistake 2: Not Being Clear Enough

Think of your website as a car, with your business as the driver and your audience as the passenger. You should be driving them toward the goal of conversion. Achieving this will involve being intentional with everything you’re putting up on your site and social media channels.

Mistake 3: Opting For What’s Flashy

It can be tempting to hop on every trend you see gain traction. However, note that the best of companies are not trendy but consistent and stable. You’ll need to have a good understanding of what makes you stand out from the competition and capitalize on that.

In terms of your website, this means having a uniform look and tone in all your pages. It also means being selective in the changes you make. Avoid fixing what’s not broken.

Mistake 4: Not tracking

In the digital era, it’s practically sin to not track everything. Think of fitness smartwatches, Spotify Wrapped, Food Diary, Movies Log. They’re the only way you can have an accurate portrait of the past and test hypotheses for future improvement.

Here are some tools to help you out, as suggested and curated by Max, our Head of CRO:

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Heap Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Contentsquare

Mistake 5: Diving Headfirst: No Roadmap, No Organization

There’s no worse mistake than being impatient and launching all sorts of changes in your website. Yikes. First, you can’t guarantee that the changes you make would result in ROI for you. Second, things take time.

That’s why you need a clear timeline and an organized setup to prioritize what needs changing, who will create the campaigns, and how. CRO, especially, is a tricky thing to master. One wrong move and it’s money down the drain and leads exiting your website.

At Grow Enrollments, our CRO team have dedicated project managers, UX and UI designers and developers, and analysts all working seamlessly to provide next-level insights for companies in the education space

We also have a dedicated Paid Search and Social Ads team to help focus and deliver the best results for you. Call us today to learn how we can get you more enrollments!

Table of Contents
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