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6 Ways to Utilize YouTube to Drive Student Enrollments

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Today, YouTube has over 2.6 billion active users worldwide. Only second to Google as the largest search engine, YouTube has quickly become one of the leading conversion-generating platforms for marketers.

For the modern-day student, easy access to the internet and mobile devices has become critical to their education. And the rise of the digital has opened students up to endless learning options. Now, more than ever, reaching prospective students through the right channels produces the most sustainable success for education companies.

According to research done by Hubspot, 56% of Gen Z and 54% of Millennials (the generations making up most of the higher ed population) say they discover new products most often on YouTube. In fact, Millennials trust YouTube more than any other generation.

So, how do you utilize YouTube to drive student enrollment? We’ve got six for you.

Produce clear, easy-to-digest videos about your admissions process

When it comes to getting prospective students acquainted with your company, you can never go wrong with communicating through simple and understandable content.

Fun and engaging but short videos that walk students through the application steps provide valuable information without overwhelming them with too much to process. Some of the most sought-after data when it comes to choosing education options include:

  • How to write admissions essays that stand out
  • Tuition fees and scholarships or financial aid
  • How students’ applications are reviewed and shortlisted

Feature the campus life/course/program experience in your videos

Create content that’s designed to showcase what’s unique about your company and how that uniqueness can connect students to a successful career. Since getting a degree generally requires a lot of time and financial investment, students want to know what they’re getting in return.

Leverage your other social media channels to promote your YouTube videos.

Cross-promotion is among the biggest benefits to social media advertising because it opens you up for more audiences, lead interest, and conversion opportunities.

Feature videos around career opportunities

Videos showing career opportunities to be had after graduating from your course or program is an important deciding factor for prospective students. Your target audience needs proof and assurance that their education investment is going to pay off eventually.

Find the balance between the quantity and quality of video uploads

Growing your audience on YouTube involves creating high-quality videos consistently. Start by creating a wide variety of content–from highlighting programs you offer, AMAs with your faculty, alumni testimonials, guided campus tours, success stories, and more. From there, analyze the performance of your videos and produce more content that get the most subscriptions, more views, and longer view times.

Stay on top of YouTube best practices

Make your videos more visible by taking your time crafting titles and descriptions, selecting thumbnails, and performing keyword research. You’ll generate more clicks when you tag your videos with the right keywords since YouTube uses it to rank your content.

When you create YouTube video descriptions, they have to be both informative and optimized for the platform’s standards. Only the first 100 characters of YouTube descriptions are visible by default, so you’ll want to keep yours concise but still punchy.

The Takeaway

YouTube has opened up another channel for the marketing industry to capture more audiences. 43% of all global internet users use YouTube every month!

Utilizing YouTube for education marketing has gone up in popularity over the last 2 years. With on-campus school activities slowing down during the pandemic, video marketing has become an effective growth opportunity for education companies trying to give prospective students an insider look on the value they are able to provide.

Ready to add YouTube and video marketing to your growth strategies? Talk to the experts from Grow Enrollments today!


Table of Contents
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