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6 Best Niches For Online Courses During COVID-19

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Thanks to COVID-19, many areas of one’s daily life such as education and work are being adversely affected. Precautionary measures have forced high schools, universities, and offices into lockdown. As a result, higher education institutions are capitalizing on the growing trend to seek education and training online by offering their own E-Learning courses. However, it isn’t just education institutions that are providing such opportunities.

The E-Learning industry has experienced an enormous increase in users and is expected to take in $243 billion dollars by the end of 2020. Online courses are now accepted by the masses, and more students and working professionals are willing to pay for courses. Among the main objectives of online learning for students are a career change, acquiring new skills, and “academic credentials.”

The possibilities for those who want to create and sell online courses are numerous.

Below we’ll list the best niches for online courses during the pandemic:

Computers and Technology

IT-related professions are one of the fastest-growing occupations, even during the pandemic. The explosive job growth of this industry began about two decades ago, and it has barely slowed down ever since.

IT-related professions are also among the most valued in the market.

Popular online courses in IT include: Software Development, Website Development, Computer System Analytics, Programming for beginners, Mobile App Development.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Many people of various age groups want to start their own businesses. Taking an online course in entrepreneurship can provide the skills and inspiration to get you on your way.

Popular courses related to entrepreneurship include: Digital Marketing, Accounting, Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce, Business Administration.

Writing and Content Creation

There’s a huge demand for copywriters, especially those that have proven their ability to generate leads and sales with their work. Engaging online content is a must for all digital organizations, therefore copywriting courses are on the rise. Popular copywriting courses include: Copywriting, Content Marketing, Blogging.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts attracts individuals who want an alternative source of income as well as those simply looking to acquire a new skill.

Some of the courses you could be advertising include: Photography, Animation, Illustration, Painting.


For healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, learning about the latest health trends is almost addictive. Unsurprisingly, many are turning to online courses to learn how to increase their immunity and ensure long-term health. This opens up great opportunities for health or fitness professionals willing to share their knowledge. Examples of popular online courses in health include: Diet and Nutrition, Fitness, Skin Care, Vegan Cooking, Yoga.


Higher education institutions are capitalizing on the growing online learning trend by offering their own E- Learning courses. Examples of such courses include: Language learning, Psychology, Law, Finance etc.

Table of Contents
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