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3 Ways We Know Your Website Isn’t Doing Its Job

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Ever walked into a store just because something on the display caught your eye? That’s how much influence great design has on our very human inclination for good-looking things.

The same goes for the digital world. Enter websites. Design a great one and you’ve just extended your visitor’s interest by several more seconds. Overwhelm OR underwhelm them and that’s sales clicking out of your site.

After years and years of analyzing and designing websites, our team has developed the ability to instantly tell whether a site is good, great, or just plain meh. Of course we’re sharing them with you.

Your website is raking in traffic but conversion rates are low

It’s reports time and your team is crunching out performance data on a Wednesday morning. You’re off to a great start with all-time-high site traffic numbers. And then it hits you. The numbers you’re seeing, they’re all just on paper. They didn’t turn into sales and enrollments. Now you’re stumped.

There are several reasons why this could be happening. Among the most common are:

Addressing the wrong audience

If you’re trying to appeal to everyone–don’t. Stick to your ideal customer and customize your website to fit their needs.

Poor navigation

People are in a hurry. If they’re looking for solutions, they want them instantly. If your website’s not providing ease and convenience, you can say goodbye to those potential customers.

Your website’s not optimized for mobile

According to Statista, 63% of organic search engine visits in the US are done through a mobile device. If a significant amount of your traffic comes from mobile devices that your website’s not optimized for, it won’t be surprising if your leads start dropping off before you can close them.

Your website is ancient

Website updates should be done as often as it needs updating. You don’t have to completely overhaul your design or copy every time you implement an update. Still, changes should be made whenever you see an opportunity to create better user experience.

Here are 2 indicators that say it’s time for you to update your website:

Your website is missing information

When visitors want something, they want it available fast. If your website makes them work for the information they need to make a purchase decision (which is often emotion-driven and therefore quick), you’re going to have a difficult time maintaining their attention.

You’ve gone through a rebranding

Any brand reinvention or renovation you execute should be reflected in your website. Your audience needs to know about the cool, valuable enhancements you’ve done that benefit them.

You’ve committed the mortal sin of prioritizing design over functionality

Sure, a visually appealing website that’s representative of your services, vision, and brand is sexy, but it’s all pointless if your website is slow, full of copy errors, and hard to use. What’s sexier is having the perfect balance between a brand-resonant design and a layout users can navigate easily.

At Grow Enrollments, creating the perfect combination of form and function, short-and-long-term growth is why we’re trusted by leading education companies. Let’s get you more enrollments today?


Table of Contents
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