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3 Things Separating Good vs. Winning Social Media Strategy

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There’s no universal formula to an unbeatable social media strategy. After decades of digital marketing expertise, we’ve established that a one-size-fits-YOU approach to growing your business is the only guaranteed way to win over customers.

But there are social media practices that distinguishes a good strategy from a great one. And we’re guessing you’d rather have the latter–so here are 3 things that separate an okay social media game plan from a winning one.

The ultimate online presence

Most marketers think that being present everywhere is how you get the most reach and leads. Partially true–if your main goal is to get any kind of lead and interest.

A smart and successful marketer, however, knows that their ideal customer may only be active in select social media platforms. There’s very little incentive in creating generic content for every audience. And whatever day it is, one high-quality, ready-to-convert lead will easily trump 100 cold leads.

Choosing the right social media channels means you can curate the best possible content to reach, appeal, and persuade your intended audience. Plus you’ll also save your team time by not producing content for non-essential platforms.

The right numbers

Data on your increased following, likes, and engagement is good. But you want to know what’s better? Data that led to that performance jump. Nailing a repeatable, proven-to-work strategy that you can enhance over time is the backbone of successful campaigns.

Audit your campaigns and find out what posts got the most engagement, what posting days and times saw the most activity, what messaging hooked more. From there, you can cook up a custom content strategy that works for your brand and audience.

The foresight

Coming up with content on the fly is asking for burnout and mediocre results. High-quality, better-than-good content comes from the right research, preparation, and execution.

Creating content in advance also gives you more breathing room and opportunity to refine and personalize your work. Further work on customizing your content is also needed when posting across different platforms. While you still want to send the same message in all your chosen social media channels, slight variations to fit best practices have to be followed.

A great social media strategy stays true to its title. It’s meant to connect brands to people and encourage interaction and discussions–online and offline. There’s much work to be done to create a brand that audiences feel is worth their time and attention, let alone their engagement and money.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you cement a great relationship with your customers through social media, talk to our team at Grow Enrollments. We’re ready to help you set your business up for success.

Table of Contents
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