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21 Ways To Make Your Landing Page High-Converting

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For your website, especially your landing pages, you can tweak little changes that add and result in massive changes in conversion rates. Here, the Grow Enrollments team give you quick, low-hanging fruits that you can easily do for your website upgrade.

  1. Have multiple landing pages—think of what ideas and images resonate with each audience group.
  2. Promote a sale or discount. People love it when they get something at a bargain.
  3. Make sure your images complement and add value to your copy.
  4. Highlight your biggest selling point and feature it strongly in your copy. Customers always find specialists and niche experts more credible than businesses that present themselves as jack-of-all-trades.
  5. Create avenues for visitors to get more involved with your company. This could be in the form of newsletter signups or a news section. The more touch points you have with your potential clients, the higher the chances of converting.
  6. Short but powerful CTAs. Enough said.
  7. Clear and unique headlines. No one wants the same recycled industry buzzwords. If you can explain just what you’re offering and why it’s the best, you’ve got yourself an effective reel to lure visitors further and deeper down the website.
  8. Don’t forget about your sub-headlines! The goal of your headline is to move your audience to read the rest of your copy.
  9. Kill any slow loading time. They’re a quick way to kill your business.
  10. A picture says a thousand words. It sells just as much too. We’re no longer in Web 1.0 so use only high-quality photos and videos.
  11. Swap any cliches in your copy for clear and direct messaging.
  12. Benefits over features. Who cares if your course has a million cool features if you don’t go over how you help prospective students achieve their education goals, right?
  13. Adopt a clear tone throughout your copy. Whether it’s casual, humorous, formal, hopeful, motivated, commit to a tone that your audience resonates with and see your conversions skyrocket.
  14. Set up live chats. Never underestimate the human need for instant gratification.
  15. Establish more credibility and convenience by clearly displaying your address and phone number in your site.
  16. Simple is better. No one wants to see a cluttered page. No one wants to spend their time reading long-winded website copy.
  17. Social proof? Testimonials? Reviews? Add the best there!
  18. Maximize the powerful role of video display by using only high-quality ones. They’re fun, highly-engaging, and best of all, shareable!
  19. Include remarketing in your strategies.
  20. Keep doing A/B testing. It’s one of the best ways to constantly improve your website and conversion performance.
  21. Cut right to the chase. Use persuasive CTAs and have a lead magnet in place for your website.

That’s it folks—those are 21 ways to enhance your current landing page and boost lead-to-conversion rates. We’ve got more up our sleeves so join us for a call to see how we can elevate your current strategies.

Table of Contents
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