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Paid Search is one of the oldest and most widely-used online advertising methods. Naturally, many professionals have grown skilled in handling this platform. However, each industry and field is a different ball game from one another. The Education industry, specifically, contains various different levels, sub-fields, and specialties.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for the education industry is a cutthroat playing field. To say that finding your footing and claiming a profitable chunk of the market can be hard is an understatement. So it’s really not surprising to see eLearning companies battling (and mostly losing) against high costs and intense competition.
With all the variety and value you can get with display advertising, you'd be surprised at how many people get it wrong. In this article, we break down the vital steps in optimizing your ads for maximum impact.
In today's world, social media is more important than ever for education marketers. Not only is it a powerful way to connect with students and their parents, it's also a cost-effective approach to reach a large audience quickly.
Unlike traditional advertising, a big bulk of digital advertising falls under automated bidding. However, a bulk of campaigns will still have inefficiencies at every stage. Educate yourself to watch out for these inefficiencies and minimize their effects.
Advertising spending is predicted to rise in the coming years. It will account for so many changes and innovations to come in the industry as competition will be all the more fierce. With everyone growing their advertising spend, the one way to surely stand out is to enact the best strategies so that you’d get as much as you can for every dollar you expend.
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