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At the heart of a thriving educational institution lies one key ingredient: engaged students. Educational institutions today are exploring new and innovative strategies to boost student engagement, aiming to cultivate an environment that not only fosters learning but also drives more enrollments.
Instagram has become a dominant platform for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience. With its extensive user base of over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram ads offer a valuable opportunity for brands to promote their products or services effectively. However, determining the right budget for your Instagram ad campaigns can be a challenge.
Education marketers are in the business of selling dreams. You are selling an experience and the intangible values that come with earning a degree or certification such as an entry to a highly-sought after industry or starting brand new career.
The global COVID-19 pandemic has helped to propel e-Learning in new directions. Now that online education is the only viable option, a revolution is on the horizon. Millions of students who embrace e-Learning during these difficult circumstances may stick to it even after the pandemic has passed.
Even before COVID-19 forced nearly all schools to transition with little notice to an online learning format, cracks had started to show in the public regard for educational institutions that have long been regarded as a non-negotiable step in the pursuit of a successful career and life.
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